Trading Rules


Please note that once you are login to the system, you have agreed to the rules and regulation and understand the mechanism of the electronic trading

1. Before doing any transaction please monitor your margin sufficiency from time to time.
2. Electronic trading system involves the risks associated with the system itself, such as failure on the operational hardware or software and the support facilities. The failure of the electronic system may make it impossible to execute your trades.

3. Please note the prices given is updated every 5 seconds and your trade submission will be based on the price given during this interval. We reserve the right to refuse any request for amendment or cancellation of any trading upon submission.
4. We reserve the right to “Cancel” any trades with
a. Insufficient margin,
b. Exceeded number of lots
c. Bump quotes and technical problem that are caused by exchange feeds.

5. We reserve the right not to accept any Limit or Stop orders, 15 minutes before data releases during the ongoing market is active

6. After submitting trading, please wait until trading status become “Done” before sending a new trade.

7. After trading has been submitted, please check your trading history to make sure it’s been submitted properly before doing another trading.

8. For every trading, you MUST check your “Trading History” to make sure that   your trade was executed correctly to avoid any unnecessary dispute.

9. Minimum spread 20 points

10. Limit or stop order did not guarantee your transaction can be done as in price your order. If there is price gap in between trading session, price will be done at open price of the next session.During trading session, order will be done at the next nearest price if the market price movement exceeds the queue price by gap.

11. Transactions attempt too close to closing time might not be successful

12. Please contact your marketing support if any interruption occurred during trading process